What people I WORK WITH are saying



“I am 78 years old and had never used homeopathy before, though I always opt for natural medicine wherever possible.
Recently, I became very, very sick with pneumonia. I was at the doctors at least three times a week for 5-6 months with little relief and prescriptions for steroids and three different antibiotics!
I went to see Eric. Within a week, I felt a lot better and one month later I was much better again, recovered most of my strength and able to walk my dogs again!”
T. Marie, Arizona


"After seeing Eric with a terrible ear infection that would have sent me to a doctor he was able to cure me in a matter of hours.  Not only was his treatment surprisingly quick, it worked without taking antibiotics for several days.  For those who have not tried homeopathic medicine before this experience created a believer out of me."
S. K., Arizona


"After a serious bout with pneumonia and a fall which hurt my head and knee, my foot began swelling severely and became discolored and my toes turned blue. The doctors couldn't help and three Doppler ultrasounds and a cat scan in the emergency room showed nothing abnormal. This lasted more than a week with no improvement.
Eric Rudnick spent time reviewing my case very carefully and gave me a dose of a precisely found homeopathic remedy. Within a day there was a significant improvement. The swelling improved, sensitivity began to improve, the color began to return, and within seven days everything was back to normal, and I was feeling good again, able to work again."
A. M., California.

"First off I must say that Eric is a miracle worker! Being 23 with a back injury can definitely be a bit off-putting  especially when you live a very active lifestyle, simple tasks such as plopping on the couch and getting in and out of the car was excruciating. Eric’s enthusiasm to my case was awesome! You can tell he loves what he does and truly cares about your wellness. Over the course of three weeks and being treated about 3-4 times my ailments where non existent! I am truly amazed by Eric’s work! Homeopathy has definitely  opened my eyes to a new realm of “medicine”.
J. L. Arizona.



"I have been suffering from an inner ear disease for nearly ten years that causes dizziness, loss of hearing, and difficulty focusing my eyes. I have had many surgeries, treatments, and medications over the past ten years, but nothing really helped. Doctors said that I had to learn to live with it. However, I never stopped searching and never gave up hope. Then a friend told me about Eric and homeopathic medicine. I met with Eric, and after taking the remedy, I noticed an improvement. In only two weeks, I can already feel my body regaining its equilibrium. Eric is truly a gifted practitioner within the field of homeopathic medicine. I feel like I am getting my life back."
Christine, Idaho.


"I’ve been a client of Eric’s for two years. He has helped me with acute conditions and long-term ones. Long term - I notice that I’m happier and laugh more and that my body is less achy and stiff than when I first started working with Eric.
Acute issues - I had a sore hip that was going to make a flight and all day sitting in a conference uncomfortable. The remedy Eric chose did the trick. My hip felt better. My flight the next day was uneventful and I was able to focus on the conference rather than my hip.
I am prone to bronchitis. I called Eric one day when I could feel a cold turning into bronchitis. He was able to pinpoint a remedy on the phone and arrange for me to pick it up. The remedy was spot on and kept me from another two-week bout of bronchitis.
I appreciate how thorough Eric is when selecting a remedy for me. The remedies he has given me have truly improved my life. I intend to continue working with Eric and look forward to seeing more of my best self revealed by the remedies Eric chooses for me."
Carol, Arizona.

"Due to a couple health complaints, I spent 6 months trying many natural remedies before Eric Rudnick began treating me with Homeopathy. I live a very natural lifestyle and work hard to keep myself in balance, but homeopathy has definitely made me feel more in balance than ever before. I feel much better and am forever grateful!"
M.B., Arizona.

General Wellness


"The treatments that I received from Eric at Homeopathy Heals were life changing! He helped me reach a point of physical and mental comfort that I honestly had no idea was possible. The treatment improved, and continues to improve, almost every aspect of my daily life, from my general mood to my energy throughout the day!"
C. O., Tempe, Arizona.



“Was very surprised at how well homeopathy effects one, Eric's ability to key in on the correct remedies was amazing! Felt great each time!”
J. S., Phoenix, AZ


"After trying many homeopathics on my own, I sought help from Eric. He found me the correct remedy. After nearly one year working with him I feel my overall health and well-being is greatly improved and is more robust than ever. I look forward to another year of treatment to see what other benefits I can reap!!"
K.J., Tuscon, Arizona.



"Eric's personal approach makes all of the difference. As a first-timer with homeopathy, I was instantly comforted by his ability to connect with me and uncover my personal, persistent wellness issues, and I was impressed by his theoretical knowledge of the field. After Eric's recommended treatment, I immediately felt more grounded and balanced - exactly what I needed. Thanks, Eric!"
H.D., Arizona.

"My first instance utilizing homeopathy to address some serious fatigue turned out to be a phenomenal success. Eric found the correct remedy for me on the first try and I'm certain to continue on this path."
M. S., Tempe, Arizona.


“Eric is an exceptionally adept practitioner who performs his work from a place of deep compassion. On numerous occasions his treatments have allowed me to regain emotional and physical balance.”
R. L.


"I am a massage therapist and interact with many alternative healers. Eric has a reputation as being one of the best homeopaths in Arizona. He is in demand for good reason.
After starting to work with him, I feel that I get to sleep easier, sleep more soundly, and wake up easily and full of energy."
N. M., Tempe, AZ.


“My family has seen many homeopaths over the years and
Eric Rudnick is the best. He has treated over 8 family members whom I have seen improve in many ways due to his care and accurate treatment.”
Ann D., Phoenix, Arizona

Eric is an client-driven Homeopathic practitioner with a vast knowledge of available remedies. He is dedicated to providing high quality service to his clients based upon his extensive knowledge and experience. He is committed to continuing education in homeopathy and advances in remedies.
N.B., Tempe.

"The remedy I received was very invigorating and has contributed to my overall health in a way that was both surprising and pleasing. Definitely worth the cost."
B. T., Massachusetts.


"Working with Eric has been a huge blessing to me. His deep knowledge of homeopathy is accompanied by a very kind and enjoyable personality, which made working with him a true pleasure. Eric is deeply compassionate, and pursues his work with intention and grace. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is ready to overcome their obstacles to being and feeling healthy!"
David, Phoenix.


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