Advanced Study in Classical Homeopathy

David Little, who certified me in homeopathy, has published the Homeopathic Compendium, containing much of the material that I studied, which in my view is one of the best works on advanced homeopathy published in current times. He also has some very good articles on advanced homeopathic topics. Homeopathy owes David Little, an American who lives in India, a great debt for spreading information about the correct use of the LMs to the American continent and worldwide. I consider David to be one of the world's experts in homeopathic dose and potency.

Dr. Luc de Shepper, MD., who is one of America’s leading experts on the LMs, has a website with a variety of homeopathic articles for lay people, patients, and homeopaths. It also shows much of the world-wide humanitarian work that he is doing with homeopathy, particularly in Asia and Africa.

Introducing Homeopathy
The European Committee for Homeopathy has published a booklet called "Homeopathic Care in A Medical Context" that is a good source of information for those new to homeopathy.


Homeopathy & Nanomedicine in Chronic Disease and Immune Disorders” by Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH.
A website with an active homeopathy forum and good remedy search tool for beginners.

Scientific Research on Homeopathy

Why Extreme Dilutions Reach Non-zero Asymptotes: A Nanoparticulate Hypothesis Based on Froth Flotation.
Chikramane PS, Kalita D, Suresh AK, Kane SG, Bellare JR.
Langmuir. 2012 Nov 1.

Advanced Homeopathy
Two excellent articles on the LM potency appropriate for advanced homeopaths.
50 Millesimal Scale Potency – A critical study – Part.1 by Dr N Hari hara Iyer MD(Hom).
50 Millesimal Scale Potency – A critical study – Part II by Dr N Hari hara Iyer MD(Hom).

Classical Homeopaths may be interested in reading "The LM potencies in homoeopathy: From their beginnings to the present day" by Robert Jütte. [PDF Format].

The Homeopathic Association of Arizona is a state-based advocacy group promoting homeopathy. I am pleased to be a founding member of the group.