Five things to know about homeopathy

Five things that you should know about using homeopathy.

Homeopathy is a holistic modality that is both preventative and remedial.

1. A great time to start is when you are already well!

A “constitutional remedy”, one that suits you, your body type, life history, etc. will begin to correct all kinds of things. The effect of being on the right constitutional remedy is experienced by many people perhaps as a 20% improvement in how they feel across the board. It can prevent problems, and decrease inherited predispositions to illness. Some people report better sleep, improved mood, more energy, and improved well-being.

2. Use homeopathy consistently over time.

Coming in for an appointment without any complaints can help to move your body into even more balance. After treating more than 750 people with homeopathy, I've come to believe that lifelong, consistent use of homeopathy is a bare minimum requirement for optimal well-being, beyond any other tools that you use.

3. Begin as young as possible!

The correct use of homeopathy can mitigate damage done in the past, inherited predispositions, brings you into balance, and can resolve both physical and mental complaints. This in a gradual process. Many times, complaints are resolved almost immediately, but continued use over months and years can lead to peak performance and lifelong well-being.

Starting at an earlier age can maximize your lifelong wellness.

The sooner you begin homeopathy, the sooner you begin arresting the damage, and begin the process of putting your system into balance. The most common thing I hear from patients I work with is that they wish they had begun using homeopathy years, or even decades before. When I work with clients with serious health issues their conditions often would've been prevented if they began years earlier when they were healthy.

4. Bring in your family members!

I make a serious effort to treat all my relatives, and anyone important in my life. I want the people that I care about to be well. If you care about the people in your life, you should make sure that they use homeopathy as well.

5. Treat little things too!

Sometimes a little injury or a cold or a sore throat is an indication of a deeper imbalance. Treating these little things can help to move you into balance in a big way.