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I practice classical homeopathy in the mode of Samuel Hahnemann. I differ from most other homeopaths in that my practice and training is entirely in classical homeopathy. I practice homeopathy in accordance to the methods laid down in Hahnemann's 6th Organon. Most homeopaths practice the methods of the 4th edition of the Organon.

In my more than 6 years in practice, I've worked with over 800 people with homeopathy, and almost 700 with the LMs.

My certificate in homeopathy is from David Little, one of the world's greatest living masters of homeopathy. I had the privilege of being one of a relatively small group of people who was trained and mentored by esteemed homeopath David Little for four years while he was writing the six volume Homeopathic Compendium. David has spent over 35 years running free clinics, treating poor patients and severe pathology with homeopathy in Northeastern India.

One way that my practice differs from most other American homeopaths is that I usually employ the LMs, a gentle potency system that leads to improvement at two to three times the speed of the C potency for many conditions. I also use all of my remedies in water, something that makes them act much more gently.


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